Laser Engraving London
Laser Engraving London
Laser Engraving London

Antoinette’s The Creative Workshop

At Antoinette’s, we offer a wide range of services to assist in the creation of your products or ideas.

Based in North London Highgate. These services include Engraving, Laser Engraving and cutting,Acrylic Fabrication,Laser Photo Engraving Turning and Milling.


Our ability to fabricate acrylic, engrave and laser engrave onto many types of materials, gives us the scope to create and produce a variety of work all made here at our workshop in Highgate London.

Dream CatcherDugout 1


We have been key creators of art projects and installations of all scales.

This is how we work – not a huge industrialized business, but a provider of a more personal  service.

About Us

Established now for ten years, we pride ourselves on delivering a unique service, taking on board challenges, developing prototypes and constantly growing with ideas – Innovation is our Motivation!

Acrylic Chess set designed By Ben Rousseau Machined by Antoinettes


With the laser we are  able to profile cut a range of materials such as Acrylic, Card, Rubber, Cork, Leather, Cloth, Wood, MDF, Corian, and more.


We are able to Laser Engrave images, working from a Jpg, onto Acrylic. Wood and stainless steel for the most amazing and attractive pieces of work.



This Piece was created using a combination of laser engraving and acryliv fabrication.We have a flat bed industrial engraving machine with which we can engrave our plaques be it engraving laminates .stainless steel.brass.aluminium, wood and acrylic.


With this machine we are also able to profile cut all these materials with the exception of the stainless steel.


All the products in these pictures have either been made by us or we have made a significant input.


This Piece was created using a combination of laser engraving and acrylic fabrication.